Naive Artist Patricia Barton
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Comments made by Patricia Barton on the occasion of the publication of a book on Naïve Painting.

Why I Started Painting
What Painting Means To Me
What She Has To Say About Her Painting
What I Am Doing Now
Why I Started Painting:

I am sure there was always some hidden creativity in me which was screaming to manifest itself. But also I am profoundly moved by the beauty of the changing seasons and, indeed, by all of nature. This magical beauty is certainly the most important force which opened the world of painting to me.
What Painting Means To Me:

Painting, to me, is life itself - I cant imagine living without it. There is an adventure in every stroke of the brush. The constant search for a new way of expressing myself through painting is a fascinating and satisfying challenge. Since I started painting, everything I do in life has taken on a new and more fulfilling aspect. Ah yes - those who create fly while others walk.
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What She Has To Say About Her Painting:

When I first started painting, I realized almost everything we look at is textured. Therefore, my first pictures were filled with all the minute texture of a landscape. These first pictures were all executed in gouache... My second period, when I started painting in acrylics in 1969, was mostly of animals and birds. Once again, these paintings were filled with detail and texture, showing every feather and hair.

For the past years, my third period shows imaginary people from the middle nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. Each individual in these portraits comes entirely from my imagination and I have tried to make each one a unique, responsive human. Once again, these paintings are filled with great detail and texture, mostly in the lace and embroidery of their clothing.
What I Am Doing Now:

I am now in an exciting era of experimentation. I am working with new techniques in figurative painting and am also enjoying developing my own personal style of abstract ions. This does not mean droping great daubs of paint on a white canvas, but applying in depth, color transitions to build my abstractions which are my own special style.

At the same time, I am continuing with my paintings of the French countryside of the Dordogne but altering my style slightly.
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